Transform sunshine into electricity with our custom solar fence designed for northern climates

Harvest the SUN

Blue Green Solar Ltd. designs, installs and maintains Solar PV energy systems


We acknowledge that we live, work, and play on their unceded, ancestral territories

First Nations


We customize ground mount arrays for our installations taking into account northern BC snow load accumulations.


Saving money on power each month can significantly impact your total operating costs and help you gain a competitive edge.

Community Power

An ideal solution for isolated locations, generator offset and indigenous communities.

Innovative Designs that tackle the issue of snow load in Northern BC.

Solar Towers

smaller footprint
No roof penetration.
25+  year lifespan.
full solar gain during winter
no snow removal during winter
an option for expansion

Solar Panels in Winter

Snow load during winter

Solar Fencing

smaller footprint
no snow loading
25+  year lifespan.
multipurpose as it serves as fencing
Easy access for maintenance
Easily expanded with new panels

Advantages of a Solar Fence

  • Minimal snow accumulation with vertical panels
  • Incorporates bifacial panels which provide increased solar gain.
  • 4′  riser accommodates for snow accumulation in Northern BC. This height can be customized or infilled with locally harvested cedar.
  • Eliminates aluminum rails and associated hardware.
  • The concrete footings can be moved.
  • Eliminates multiple holes in your roof.

Dimensions: 11′ high, modules are 4′ above grade, each section is 45″ wide.

Applications:  Commercial parking area,  property division, farm fencing

Solar Panel Install

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Ready to Help Create a Greener Grid?

Wondering how to get started?

We can design and install a solar power system that fits your requirements and needs. With an On-grid or Grid-Tied system you use only what you need and any excess power from your solar power system is fed back to the grid which equals credits/cost savings for you and a greener grid.


Given the trend toward zero-emissions and future transportation needs, not to mention the increased use of smart technologies that will impact appliances, our need for self-sufficient electricity generation is on the rise.

Lower Energy Costs

Use less energy and earn credits for contributing to the grid.

Lock in Savings

No effect from increasing costs for electricity because you produce your own.

Property Value

Easy return on investment when you sell your property with these upgrades

Reduce Emissions

Be part of a more sustainable future by helping to create a greener grid

What is Solar Power?

How does it work?

We have put together some SOLAR FACTS to help you understand the power of solar energy and how it can work for you to lower your energy costs and create a sustainable lifestyle

We gratefully acknowledge that we live, work, and play on the unceded, ancestral territories of fourteen First Nations representing Lheidli T’enneh, McLeod Lake Indian Band, Simpcw First Nation, the Dakelh, Nedut’en and Wet’suwet’en peoples.