Why Work with Blue Green Solar Ltd?

Based out of Prince George, BC, Blue Green Solar Ltd. is dedicated to design, sales, installation and maintenance of Solar PV systems for residential, indigenous, off-grid and commercial clients.

Each custom Blue Green Solar Ltd. installation includes solar panels, inverters and battery storage solutions if required for full-time power or emergency backup.

Design Innovation

We assess your site and design a unique solution to meet your requirements.


Installing solar PV systems for over 6 years and currently reside in an off-grid residence.

Full Install

From design to install to completion and certification we offer full service.

Guaranteed Quality

Best in brand products manufactured in Canada, the US or UK. There is 25 year warranty on solar panels.

Electrical Contractor

As a fully certified electrical contractor we understand the grid and how to connect.


We design around northern BC limitations and weather patterns.

Designing Your Custom System

Step 1: Site Assessment
  • We take site specific measurements.
  • Determine shading, location and angles. Determine potential locations for solar array.
  • Assess upgrade needs, amperage, age of current grid system.
  • Determine your current consumption and energy requirements.
Step 2: Design and Quote
  • We design a system that will work with your energy requirements, site limitations and budget.
  • We can suggest grants, incentives etc. that you may qualify for to offset or lower the cost.
Step 3: Permits and Applications

Blue Green Solar Ltd. takes care of all permitting paperwork required for your project including electrical and development permits and the application to connect to the grid.

Step 4: Installation

Your custom solar system is installed and tested.

Step 5: Electrical Inspection

An electrical inspection is required by the local inspection authority and your electrical meter will be upgraded to a bi-directional meter if needed to export excess energy to the grid.

Inventory Available for purchase

The Volthium LFP Rackmount Solar Storage Battery is a high-end product custom-made for a mainly commercial customer base. It is designed to be mounted in a server cabinet or telecom cabinet type rack, the width is standard 19′.  The version we carry is – 51.2V200AH – 10.2 KWH – Standard – 180lbs – 27′ deep.  This type of battery is mainly used for off-grid installations and comes standard with a 10 year warranty.

We have some extra inventory of these lithium batteries in stock.  These batteries are manufactured in Canada and are self-heating for efficient use in all seasons. Please contact us if you are interested.

Download the spec sheet here.