NEW – Solar Fence Project

Advantages of a Solar Fence

  • Minimal snow accumulation with vertical panels
  • Incorporates bifacial panels which provide increased solar gain.
  • 4′  riser accommodates for snow accumulation in Northern BC. This height can be customized or infilled with locally harvested cedar.
  • Eliminates aluminum rails and associated hardware.
  • The concrete footings can be moved.
  • Canadian Electrical Code Section 64-218 (2) Photovoltaic Rapid shut down
  • Notwithstanding Subrule 1), photovoltaic rapid shutdown shall not be required for ground- mounted photovoltaic system circuits that enter a building whose sole purpose is to house photovoltaic system equipment.
  • Eliminates multiple holes in your roof.

Dimensions: 11′ high, modules are 4′ above grade, each section is 45″ wide.

Applications:  Commercial parking area,  property division, farm fencing


Solar Panel Fence Install

Ready to Help Create a Greener Grid?

Wondering how to get started?

We can design and install a solar power system that fits your requirements and needs. With an On-grid or Grid-Tied system you use only what you need and any excess power from your solar power system is fed back to the grid which equals credits/cost savings for you and a greener grid.